Author: yborghmans

GiphyBot in Teams

One of the most requested features @Ventigrate is a proper implementation of Giphy in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft did provide a solution to that request but it is not  as user friendly as it is in Slack.

That’s why I developed a Microsoft bot that you can use to get a random gif back by providing a keyword. I published the bot to azure and thanks to the (new) posibility of sideloading bots in Teams, it possible to activate and use it on your own tenant (see “How to install it?)”.

What’s different between Slack, Teams and Giphybot?

In Slack, the implementation of Giphy provides a random gif by typing ‘/Giphy {keyword}’ into a channel. That’s way more quicker and funnier than the implementation of Microsoft in Teams

Microsoft’s implementation requires that you click on the gif icon, provide a keyword and select a specific gif. The akward moment of waiting, of which gif is showing up, is lost and users stop using Giphy in Teams.

The implemention I made gives users the possibility of getting random gifs back by mentioning the bot in a channel: ‘@GiphyBot {keyword}’. The bot will reply with a random gif according to your keyword.

How to install it?

  1. Create a new manifest.json file with the following lines of code [Note: make sure the ID is correct: 231f435f-4d49-47a4-a26f-fc7d6f91cbee]
  2. Zip the manifest.json file
  3. Go to Teams an on the team you wish to load it, click on the overflow (“…”), and select View team..
  4. Select the Bot tab, then click on “Sideload a bot or tab” on the lower right.
  5. Browse to and select your zip package from your PC.
  6. You will see your sideloaded bot or tab in the list.

From now on you can use the bot! Have fun!


Please let me know what you think about this bot! And keep following (@Yborghmans) for the next blog post where I explain the development of the GiphyBot.


More information about the bot framework: